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About Delric Construction

If you live in New York, New Jersey, or Pennsylvania, then you’ve probably been inside a Delric Construction building. For over 40 years, our family-owned company has been building complex construction projects since May 6, 1976.

Delric Construction was founded by two long-time union carpenters, Biaggio Della Cerra and Robert Ricciardi, who understood how important it was to have skilled craftsmen involved in general contracting. This insight was at the foundation of Delric Construction, and it’s a philosophy that still guides us in everything that we do.

We’ve grown since those days in the mid-70s, but there are a few things that haven’t changed. We’ve added engineers, project managers, field personnel, and a full office support staff, but we still believe that hard work, and attention to the client is the only way to work. It’s how we build our buildings, and it’s how we’ve built our culture.

This philosophy has served us well, because it allowed us to acquire the skills and financials to take on projects of any size. Today, we have a reputation and backing that gives us a bond capacity of over $250 million so we can bring our unmatched standards to work on jobs of nearly any size. We have unlimited prequalification with the State of New Jersey Division of Property Management/Construction and the New Jersey School Development Authority.

We’ve been fortunate to work with dozens of different architects while producing a diverse array of structures for clients in the government, health care, education, and private sectors. The client’s vision is our blueprint, we have a proven track-record of bringing those visions to life. From new buildings to renovations, there isn’t a type of project that we haven’t taken from ground-breaking to completion.